our story

Kuka juice is the brainchild of two lifelong best friends, Samantha and Abigail, aiming to nourish our community with the freshest, most nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable juice on the planet. Their love for fresh juice ignited when they backpacked through Ecuador and Colombia, South America for several months.  Let us tell you the story…

Once upon a time, there were two best friends who set out on a grand adventure!  After graduating [Samantha receiving a degree in Exercise Science and Abigail in Communications], they made plans to backpack through South America.  The trip began with Samantha road tripping across the country to pick up Abigail from a summer working in Yellowstone!  The girls started their adventure early while road tripping back to South Carolina, hiking along the way in order to prepare themselves for South America.  Little did they know, they could never prepare themselves for how much they would fall in love with the culture, and the marks it would leave on the rest of their lives.

While backpacking Colombia and Ecuador, the girls began noticing all of the locals drinking  fresh, vibrant, natural juices. Fresh juice stands were located on every street corner of each village they came to.  The girls immediately fell in love with these juices, using them to fuel their hikes and treks.  They quickly began to reap the benefits of the juice, noticing drastic improvements in their health and energy levels. Upon returning to the states, the girls searched to recreate the same amazing, bright, and refreshing flavors they found in South America.

Back in the US, Samantha followed her passion in health and wellness and decided to go back to school at Winthrop University to study Nutrition, while Abigail perfected the ins and outs of working in the food and beverage industry.  Both the girls continued incorporating juicing into their lifestyles and found themselves spreading the wealth on health at every opportunity.  A juicing movement ignited as all of their friends and family were immediately hooked on the juice. How could they expand the movement to people outside of their family and friends? Then, kuka juice was born.  Now Samantha and Abigail can change people’s lives in ways they never even imagined. They are ecstatic to share the benefits they have uncovered with the world around them; a world that has become a place of overconsumption and undernourishment.

P.S.  We bet you are wondering where the name kuka juice comes from…  The word kuka comes from the word kukamama, the Andean goddess of health and joy.  The name captures the spirit of kuka juice perfectly, as it connects our South American adventure with our passion for health and joy. We hope you will join the movement and help us get our community healthy!